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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions


This Website (“Website”) is owned and operated Sonova Audiological Care Australia Pty Ltd ACN 113 235 779 t/as Connect Hearing (“we” “our” “us” or “Connect Hearing”) and is subject to the terms set out in this Terms of Use policy (“Terms of Use Policy”). By using this Website, you agree to this Terms of Use Policy, which is available for viewing on this Website.

Using our Website

When using or accessing this Website you agree to be legally bound by all of the terms and conditions set out in this Terms of Use Policy as may be modified and posted to our Website from time to time. Without prejudice to the above, by using or accessing our Website, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions comprising this Terms of Use Policy as they apply and relate to your use of, or access to, our Website. If you do not wish to be bound by this Terms of Use Policy then you must not use our Website. You must ensure, and are solely responsible for ensuring, that the personal information you provide to us through the Website is accurate and complete and that all ordering or registration details (where applicable) contain (among other details) your correct name, address and any other requested details. For more information about how we deal with your personal information, please read our privacy policy as displayed on this Website, as may be amended, or varied from time to time.

Applicability of online materials

The materials published on our Website are presented and/or made accessible for viewing solely for your private, personal and non-commercial use (unless otherwise expressly specified by us in the relevant materials published). Content displayed, posted, contained or referenced on this Website is not intended, and should not be construed to in any way intend or purport, to be used to diagnose, advise on, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Our online hearing test accessible through the Website (“Speech Perception Test”) is not, and does not purport to be, a diagnostic tool and will not provide diagnostic, conclusive, advisory, or prognostic information with respect to any disease, condition, or symptoms. It will not tell you why you cannot hear or are experiencing any symptoms or sensations with respect to your hearing. 

If you suspect you have hearing loss or are experiencing any symptoms or sensations with respect to your hearing, you should seek medical advice and, through using or accessing the Website, you acknowledge and agree that you will not rely upon any information displayed by the Speech Perception Test as a conclusive medical diagnosis. Seek immediate medical advice if your hearing loss is sudden, in one ear only, or accompanied by tinnitus, dizziness, or nausea.

Copyright & monitoring

The contents of our Website are protected by applicable domestic and international copyright laws and other intellectual property rights (“Applicable Laws”). We, or other third party licensors, are the owners of these rights. All product and company names and logos mentioned, referenced, displayed or published on our Website are the trademarks, service marks, trading names, or proprietary assets, of their respective owners, including us. You are permitted to download material from our Website for the sole purpose of using that material as an information resource for our hearing services. However, you are not permitted to modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute, by any means or in any manner, any material, content, images, or information on or downloaded from our Website including, but not limited to text, graphics, video, messages, sounds, any web assets, code and/or software without our prior written consent, except where expressly invited or authorised by us to do so, for example in order to complete any test or questionnaire.

Linked sites

You acknowledge and agree that the Website may establish links or embeds to other websites not maintained or controlled by, or associated with, us (“Linked Websites”). We make no representations whatsoever about any Linked Websites which you may access through our Website or which may link to, or embed, our Website. 

When you access any Linked Website you understand and agree that any Linked Website is independent from us and that we have no control over the content, security, ownership, quality, accuracy, or availability of that Website. In addition, you acknowledge and agree that the establishment of a link to any other Linked Website is not, and should not be construed as, an endorsement of that Website by us or an acceptance of any responsibility for the content, security, ownership, quality, accuracy, or the use of, such a Linked Website and that we shall not be liable to you for any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on any content, materials, links, goods or services available or accessible on or through any other Linked Website, or resource. Any concerns regarding any external link should be directed to that Linked Website’s Website administrator or web master. Through using our Website, you acknowledge and agree that we are not liable to you or any other person for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages arising out of, or in connection with, your use of the Website, any Linked Website, the use of any other hyper-linked Website or any embedded links. 

Availability of our Website

We will try to make our Website available but cannot guarantee, and nor do we represent, that our Website will operate continuously or without interruptions or be error free and accept no liability for its unavailability. 

Viruses, hacking and other disruptive acts 

You must not attempt to interfere with the proper working of our Website including by attempting to circumvent security, tamper with, hack into, or otherwise disrupt or misuse any computer system, server, Website, code, router or any other internet connected device relevant to, or required for, our Website. You must not knowingly introduce viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs, malware, overloading, flooding, mail-bombing, hijackers, any other material or program which is malicious or technologically harmful or invasive, and you must not attack our Website by through the use of a denial-of-service attack or a distributed denial-of-service attack. We reserve the right to alter, suspend or discontinue any aspect of our Website or the content or services available through it, including your access to it without notice to you. Unless explicitly stated by us, any new features to our Website, including any products displayed or promoted through our Website, including but not limited to new content and/or the sale of new products and/or the release of new software tools or resources shall be subject to this Terms of Use Policy. 

We do not represent that any information obtained, retrieved or downloaded from or through our Website is free from computer viruses, or other faults or defects. It is solely your responsibility to scan any such information or content for computer viruses. 


We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our users. We take your privacy very seriously and it is important to us that you can use and enjoy our Website without having to compromise your privacy. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

Notwithstanding the above, we make no warranty, guarantee or representation that a transmission, communication, redirection or command made through, or in connection with, the Website is secure. Through using or accessing our Website, you acknowledge and agree that we do not guarantee the security of any personal data that you transfer over the internet to us or its payment gateways. 

Third Party Services

The Website may link or integrate with third party applications, programs, Websites, API integrations, and services (“Third Party Services”). Those Third Party Services may have their own terms and conditions of use and privacy policies and your use of those Third Party Services will be subject to the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the relevant provider of that Third Party Service (“Third Party Provider”). By way of example only, this could include third party payment methods such as Zip and Splitit. You understand and agree that Connect Hearing is not responsible or liable to you for the quality or availability (or lack thereof) of any Third Party Services (or any aspect of those Third Party Services) and takes no responsibility for any transaction you may enter into with, or any information provided by you to, the relevant Third Party Provider.


Subject to any non-excludable provisions contained in the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, we expressly disclaim any implied or express warranties or conditions of any kind, including non-infringement of intellectual property rights relating to information or materials accessible from or on the Website. We will not be liable to you for any damage resulting from use of, or reliance on, the materials or information on the Website or any other loss or damage whatsoever including, but without limitation, special, indirect, consequential, or incidental loss or damage. 

HCF Partnership Offer

Connect Hearing hears hereby offers Recipients the chance to register for the HCF – Connect Hearing program (“HCF – Connect Hearing Offer”). This offer is valid until 31st March, 2024. With the HCF – Connect Hearing program, a Recipient can enjoy:

  • Up to a 10% discount on full price products in the complete range of our Essential and Standard range of Hearing Aids that are listed at Connect Hearing. 
  • Up to a 15% discount on full price products in the complete range of Advanced and Premium range of Hearing Aids that are listed at Connect Hearing; 
  • 20% discount on full price products featured in our ‘Accessories’ range including TV Connectors, Phonak Roger and charging cases, that are listed at Connect Hearing. 
  • 10% discount on full price products featured in our ‘Hearing Protection’ range that are listed at Connect Hearing. 

For the purpose of this “HCF Partnership Offer” section only: 

  • Recipients” means any individual who is a registered HCF member. 
  • “Hearing Aids” mean products for use in connection with hearing rehabilitation, including receiver-in-canal devices, behind-the-ear devices and in-the-ear devices as categorised by Connect Hearing from time to time.

Conditions for redeeming the HCF – Connect Hearing Offer:

  • The HCF – Connect Hearing Offer can be redeemed by a Recipient by visiting a Connect Hearing clinic, over the phone via the Teleaudiology team in Australia, or by purchasing through the Connect Hearing hears e-store.  
  • The HCF – Connect Hearing Offer is subject to the availability of any and all products discounted by the HCF – Connect Hearing Offer, Hearing Aids, Hearing Aid accessories and hearing assessment bookings at the clinic you visit.
  • Unless otherwise stated by us, the HCF – Connect Hearing Offer cannot be used in conjunction with, or in substitution of, any other vouchers, discounts or promotions provided or advertised by Connect Hearing or its affiliates from time to time.
  • The HCF – Connect Hearing Offer cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • The HCF – Connect Hearing offer cannot be used for pre-employment assessments or industrial audiometry testing.
  • Connect Hearing hears expressly reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the HCF – Connect Hearing Offer without notice to you. To the extent permitted by law, including the Australian Consumer Law, Connect Hearing shall not be liable to you for any loss or claim arising out of, or in connection with, the refusal, rejection, modification, cancellation or withdrawal of any HCF – Connect Hearing Offer or any failure or inability of a Recipient to redeem a HCF – Connect Hearing Offer.
  • Connect Hearing hears expressly reserves the right to resolve or respond to any discrepancies, disputes or otherwise unforeseen circumstances in its absolute and sole discretion.
  • Use of the Website and the HCF – Connect Hearing Offer is subject to Connect Hearing privacy policy (as may be amended from time to time). With the aim of providing further assistance towards better hearing, Connect Hearing hears may use information provided by a Recipient for the purpose of contacting that Recipient to arrange an appointment in one of our hearing centres as well as sending relevant company or product information material or information to the Recipients
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