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Sennheiser Set 860 TV listening system


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For watching TV at home, the Sennheiser Set 860 offers crystal clear TV sound with customised hearing profiles.

Customised hearing profiles
Hear every detail
Auto On/Off
Lightweight design


Rediscover the joy of television and home entertainment

The sharp and distinct audio from television and radio, which is so often lost on older ears, is back! Made in Germany, the Set 860 is remarkably straightforward to install and operate, offers a comfortable fit, and delivers exceptional wireless sound. It’s like a rejuvenation for your ears, making you feel youthful once more.

Embracing life to the fullest

If you’ve grown accustomed to living life to the fullest, you won’t want to experience anything less. With Sennheiser, you now have the opportunity to enjoy sound on your own terms once again. The top-notch Set 860 model leverages cutting-edge wireless technology to deliver impeccably clear and enhanced audio, allowing you to effortlessly customise your audio experience to align with your personal preferences and evolving hearing needs.

Set 860 epitomises everyday convenience

Set 860 seamlessly blends robust durability with effortless and uncomplicated usability, offering a renewed sense of independence and the ability to share TV moments with others. While they enjoy television at regular volumes, you can enjoy a personalised audio experience, effortlessly capturing every word of your favourite movie!

This lightweight under-the-chin headset exerts no pressure to your head, adjusts automatically as you put it on, and doesn’t interfere with glasses or your hairstyle.

Set 860 features a streamlined interface with fewer, more prominent buttons, accompanied by easily comprehensible LED indicators that instantly inform you about charge and wireless connection status. It also switches on and off automatically as needed. This comprehensive, intelligent design enhances the simplicity of setting up and using this assistive listening system.

Thanks to its advanced wireless technology, it guarantees a stable connection with the docking station within a range of up to 70 meters (200 ft). With a single charge, it offers a playing time of up to 18 hours, ensuring it remains with you even during the longest TV sessions. Furthermore, the battery recharges automatically when you place the headset on the docking station.

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