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Sennheiser RS 195


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Rediscover the subtle intensity of your favourite sounds with the RS 195 wireless headphones.

Over time, our hearing naturally evolves. Although this is perfectly normal, the changes can alter the quality of the sounds we experience, for example, when watching TV or listening to music.

The RS 195 wireless headphones take these changes into account to provide exceptional sound that can be fully personalised to your hearing.

The highly innovative technology used in the RS 195 is designed to improve your sound experience by enhancing speech intelligibility and reproducing the slightest details of your favourite music.

2 year warranty.

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A choice of listening modes

Adapt the sound to your audio source: “Speech mode” eliminates background noise to make speech easier to hear and “Music mode” provides subtle sound quality for enhanced listening.

Personalised listening

Choose the setting best adapted to your hearing acuity to optimise your sound experience (7 hearing profiles).

Harmonious sound

Use the left/right balance control to adjust the volume in each ear.

Excellent sound quality

A leading sound expert for over 75 years, Sennheiser has mastered the art of digital wireless transmission to guarantee a customised sound experience.

High audiophile standards

These digital wireless headphones provide rich, detailed sound quality to please the most demanding of audiophiles.

Freedom through wireless

Innovative wireless technology ensures that the transmission signal is clear and instantaneous as you wander from room to room listening to your favourite music or TV program (up to 100m range).

Lasting comfort

The sophisticated ergonomic design is perfect for long periods of comfortable listening.

Compatible with different sound sources

The RS 195 transmitter accepts both analogue and digital sources from any kind of sound system.

We asked Sam, our Clinical Excellence Manager, to review the Sennhesier RS 195 headphones. Take a listen to what he has to say below.

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