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Roger On iN V2

Roger On iN is a microphone dedicated for all conversations that occur in background noise and over distance, so you can focus on conversations that truly matter – at work, in lectures or in social activities.

Use it every day, everywhere
Roger On iN gives you the flexibility to focus on conversations that truly matter at work, in lectures or with friends.

Don’t worry, it’s fully automatic
Switches automatically between different microphone modes depending on if used on a table, clipped on clothing or held in your hand.

Hear where speech is coming from
Roger On iN with MultiBeam 2.0 Technology has the ability to distinguish the direction of incoming speech, and automatically selects the person who is talking to support you in conversations.

Zoom in on the person talking
Pointing mode 2.0 uses three microphones in a row allowing you to focus on one person talking or in a group conversation when background noise is present.



Roger On offers a variety of modes to cover various situations you might find yourself in, so you can focus on the conversations that truly matter.

In group conversations

In small meetings or at family dinners, places the Roger On microphone on the table to pick up the voices from everyone.

In social gatherings

When music is playing and people are talking and laughing, the pointing mode makes it possible to focus on the person talking. 

From a distance

In a larger auditorium, the speaker often stands at a distance. When presenters wear a Roger On, their speech is transmitted to you. 

In large meetings

Use Roger On as a presenter microphone together with the table microphones in a MultiTalker Network to hear all participants. 

Available in two stunning colours: Champagne or Graphite gray

myRogerMic app

With the myRogerMic app you can control your Roger On from your smartphone. It allows you to customize your microphone settings according to environment and personal preferences.

  • Steer the direction of the beam(s) towards the speaker(s) you want to listen to
  • Change microphone mode
  • Mute / unmute
  • Check current device status such as battery level and actual microphone mode.


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