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Nuheara IQbuds 2 MAX


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IQbuds2 MAX is an advanced hearing bud, setting a new standard in hearables technology.

With the IQbuds2 MAX, you can personalise your hearing using EarID™, a calibration system that adapts the buds to your own personal hearing profile and customise how you hear the world around you with advanced sound control technologies such as Active Noise Cancellation, Speech in Noise Control and Directional Focus.

Plus, together with the IQstream TV, you can listen to TV audio at your own volume levels without impacting the volume levels of your partner. You can also communicate with your partner while watching TV!



  • Advanced speech clarity - Choose from 5 Speech Clarity Modes with up to 20 dB amplification for crystal-clear dialogue when watching TV.

  • Control your TV environment - Ambient Awareness Mode to hear your surroundings. Passive Noise Cancellation to block distractions.

  • Long-lasting wearing comfort - Compact, lightweight design. Selection of ear adapters for a personalised fit.

  • Multiple device connectivity - Connect to any TV using the TV Transmitter or to any mobile device for media streaming via Bluetooth.

  • Personalised experience - Volume adjustment on the earbuds. Use the dedicated app to create a personalised experience.

Catch every conversation

Thanks to Sennheiser’s cutting-edge Speech Clarity technology, comprehending television dialogues has never been easier. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear, easy-to-follow conversations without the need to crank up the volume, even in the presence of background noise or mumbled speech from actors. How does it work? With TVS 200, Speech Clarity enhances higher frequencies, rendering language more intelligible.

You have the freedom to select from five distinct Speech Clarity settings, tailoring the level of enhancement to your liking. Watching TV becomes an enjoyable experience when you don’t have to strain your ears.

Television, undisturbed

Adjust the earbuds’ volume to cater to your hearing preferences and enjoy uninterrupted viewing without missing any nuances. Thanks to TVS 200, others can still enjoy the TV at their preferred volume level. While wearing TVS 200, you can opt to mute your TV to prevent disturbing others or continue streaming the audio content so those around you can partake in the experience. Furthermore, the Transmitter allows you to connect more than one earbud device to it.

Clear, comfortable sound

These True Wireless earphones redefine the benchmarks for comfort and convenience, turning even a marathon of your favourite series into sheer delight. Their inconspicuous wireless design, coupled with the secure fit ensured by the soft ear adapters featuring stabilising silicone wings, guarantees absolute freedom of movement.

Effortless TV setup for a delightful experience

The pre-paired Transmitter simplifies the process of connecting to your television, delivering impeccably synchronised TV audio and clear speech. What’s more, it now supports Dolby 5.1 through the optical output of your TV, ensuring robust streaming right from the start. Enjoy a hassle-free setup that eliminates the need for TV reconfiguration or complex installations.

Uninterrupted, superior sound quality

Your TVS 200 earphones offer a remarkable 15 hours of usage on a single charge, and you can extend this by an additional 22 hours by charging them within the TVS 200 charging case. This translates to a total of 37 hours of uninterrupted, crystal-clear TV sound without any interruptions to plug them into a power socket. Moreover, you can recharge the earphones’ case wirelessly on a Qi-enabled charging pad or through a more traditional method using a USB-C power adapter.

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