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AudioNova™ Swim


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Protect your ears without sacrificing situational awareness in the water – both at the beach and in the pool, with AudioNova™ Swim.

AudioNova™ hearing protection is a high-quality solution developed to preserve your hearing health. Instead of blocking sound, our advanced filter technology refines it through attenuation of both high and low frequencies. This allows you to enjoy a safe sound experience, without sacrificing any moments in your daily life.


If you spend a lot of time in pools, poor hygiene can lead to infection – a condition commonly known as ‘Swimmer’s Ear.’ For those who spend time in the water outdoors, the elements can be damaging. Cold water and wind can cause ear problems and over time, you may experience nagging symptoms known as ‘Surfer’s Ear.’

AudioNova Swim protective earplugs prevent water from entering, while keeping the ear ventilated at all times. Better still, unlike other brands, the AudioNova AAR5 filter does not block sound – preserving situational awareness. Best of all, AudioNova Swim earplugs are sculpted for a comfortable fit and can float in the water.

AudioNova Swim features our special azure filter and come with three standard sizes (small, medium & large) so you can choose a size that is most comfortable for your ears!

AudioNova Swim is also available in a custom silicon earplug, sculpted for a perfect individual fit. Contact your local Connect Hearing clinic for more information about AudioNova custom hearing protection or book an appointment today.

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