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AudioNova™ SleepTight


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Enjoy a good night’s rest, with AudioNova™ SleepTight.

AudioNova™ hearing protection is a high-quality solution developed to preserve your hearing health. Instead of blocking sound, our advanced filter technology refines it through attenuation of both high and low frequencies. This allows you to enjoy a safe sound experience, without sacrificing any moments in your daily life.



Many people struggle to sleep in noisy places – some are kept awake by street noise, cars, bin collections and neighbours. Shift workers may find that they need to rest during the day, when everyone else is awake; while those on business may frequently find themselves in unfamiliar hotels, surrounded by the sounds of lifts, revellers, kitchens and more.

You may know someone who snores, but did you know that even a moderate snorer can hit 50-60dB? To put that in perspective, a car horn is around 90dB (and yes, many severe snorers can reach 90dB as well!).

These earplugs come in three standard sizes (small, medium & large). There are no filters in this product.

AudioNova SleepTight Pro custom earplugs are also available and reduce a host of intrusive noises. Their extra soft silicone material compresses when you lay down on your pillow for extra comfortability. Contact your local Connect Hearing clinic for more information about AudioNova custom hearing protection or book an appointment today.

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