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AudioNova™ InFlight


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AudioNova™ InFlight earplugs filter background noise so you can enjoy greater comfort, both at the airport and while in-flight.

AudioNova hearing protection is a high-quality solution developed to preserve your hearing health. Instead of blocking sound, our advanced filter technology refines it through attenuation of both high and low frequencies. This allows you to enjoy a safe sound experience, without sacrificing any moments in your daily life.


AudioNova InFlight earplugs are specifically designed for peace and comfort while flying. They can be worn all day – at the gate, in the airport lounge and on-board, helping to reduce background noise from the engine, other passengers, multimedia devices and more.

The special filter membranes also slow cabin pressure changes between take-off and landing, helping you find calm before takeoff and providing you with a peaceful and comfortable time on-board.

These protective earplugs come with three standard sizes (small, medium and large) so you can choose a size that is most comfortable for your ears!

AudioNova InFlight Pro custom protection plugs are also available. They are not electronic, so can be used any time while on-board. These custom plugs will be individually sculptured to your ears for a perfect fit and optimal protection. Available in two materials (silicone and acrylic), as well as two different sizes (mini and full concha).

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