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AudioNova™ Drive


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The sounds of roaring motors have been linked to symptoms of hearing loss. If you’re driving a motorbike, attending motorsport events, or even piloting loud boats, AudioNovaTM Drive can help.

AudioNova™ hearing protection is a high-quality solution developed to preserve your hearing health. Instead of blocking sound, our advanced filter technology refines it through attenuation of both high and low frequencies. This allows you to enjoy a safe sound experience, without sacrificing any moments in your daily life.


Motorsport events and road rallies can be notoriously loud. Even engine tuning, go-cart races and outdoor events featuring jet flyovers can reach critical levels. AudioNova Drive earplugs reduce engine noise to safe levels and are specially designed for motorcyclists. Noise levels in a helmet can reach 95-105dB at just 100km/hour. This vastly exceeds safe levels, meaning your hearing could be at risk within 15 minutes. Both helmet-generated noise, wind and air turbulence are reduced, while still allowing speech from intercoms. The earplugs are also comfortable to wear all day. These protective plugs come with three standard size plugs (small, medium & large) so you can choose a size that is most comfortable for your ears! AudioNova Drive is also available in a custom mini silicone earplugs, individually sculpted for a perfect fit and optimal hearing protection. Available in two filter strengths: yellow (medium) and orange (high). Contact your local Connect Hearing clinic for more information about AudioNova custom hearing protection or book an appointment today.
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