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AudioNova™ Active


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Gardening equipment, home improvement tools and vehicle repairs can produce deceptively high levels of sound for DIYers and those working in the garden or around the house. Keep your ears protected with AudioNova™ Active.

AudioNova™ hearing protection is a high-quality solution developed to preserve your hearing health. Instead of blocking sound, our advanced filter technology refines it through attenuation of both high and low frequencies. This allows you to enjoy a safe sound experience, without sacrificing any moments in your daily life.



A host of household tools can create excessive sound levels – including hedgecutters, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, electric hammers, chainsaws, grinders, drills, sanders and power saws. Results can include a ringing in the ears or head (tinnitus) and
even permanent damage.

AudioNova Active earplugs are perfect personal protection equipment for noisy work. They filter damaging sound levels (between 80-100dB) and are comfortable to wear for hours at a time (safe for eight hours of continuous use). They also provide natural ventilation for your ears.

For the DIY crowd and those who enjoy spending time in the garden, they can also be combined with earmuffs, where double protection is required.

These protective plugs come with three standard size plugs (small, medium & large) so you can choose a size that is most comfortable for your ears!

AudioNova Active Pro custom earplugs, providing full frequency filtered audio that is safe and enjoyable for up to eight hours – for music as loud as 102 dB. Available in a custom mini earplug, individually sculptured for a perfect fit and optimal hearing protection. Also available in two materials (silicone and acrylic) with a linear attenuation filter in three strengths: white (low), platinum (medium) and gold (high).

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