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Hearing Aid Types – Bluetooth Hearing Aids

What different kinds of hearing aid technology do you offer?

There are two different ways of grouping the hearing aids we offer, self-fit vs non self-fit (or Bluetooth vs non-Bluetooth).

Self-fit hearing aids allow you to fully adjust every aspect of the hearing aid. Remote support is given via an app which is available on PC, iOS and Android. The basic self-fit hearing aid is the Maestro or the more advanced model, Opus.

Our Bluetooth hearing aids can be connected to other devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs to allow streaming of calls and audio. The Bluetooth connection also means that the left and right hearing aid are coupled, so volume and program changes occur in unison. It also allows you to accessorise with other devices that help with the television or conversations.

You have less control with the non self-fit hearing aids. Some temporary tweaks can be made without seeing an audiologist, but they are only situational. For example, you can’t change the gain levels of the hearing aids permanently without visiting a clinic. Our Audeo Marvel hearing aids are non self-fit.

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