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Manage your hearing

Manage my hearing my way

Connect Hearing wants every Australian to enjoy better hearing on your terms; whether you’ve purchased hearing aids from us or not, we can help, and more importantly, help you help yourself.

Contact us anytime for help with hearing aid adjustments or general maintenance. We can even help you through the App that connects with your hearing aids (don’t forget to download the App). 

If you treat your hearing aids kindly, they’ll pay you back with better hearing for longer. 

Find out how you can self-manage your hearing.

Looking after your hearing aids

 You’ll find most of it pretty straight forward to manage yourself (that’s the way we designed it). Here’s some handy tips and tricks.

Aren't all hearing aid places the same?

Sameness. That’s exactly what Peter Blamey and Elaine Saunders saw. In 2008 Connect Hearing began with the mission of placing every Australian at the centre of their hearing health – breaking the mould of an inward-looking industry.

We believe accessibility is key – from how you get care and advice through to buying hearing aids and making ongoing adjustments. We’re structured to offer what works best for you. Over the phone, online or in person. The best audiological care and hearing aids are within easy reach.

It starts with the hearing test, which was pioneered to give scientifically accurate results without the need to visit a clinic. A real-world test using words as opposed to mechanical beeps. This innovation alone has led to international awards and recognition.

You have access to the best hearing technology from Sonova, the world’s leading provider of innovative hearing care solutions. When you’re ready, simply purchase the hearing aids online or over the phone. We’ll adjust them (according to your test results) and express post them—ready to wear straight out of the box.

We’ve been offering telehealth for audiology for years. We call it teleaudiology and it means you’re always only a phone call or click away from help. We’re able to deliver all non-diagnostic hearing services over a phone or video call. It’s like having us in your living room.

Start with the hearing test or talk to us and hear the difference for yourself!


Adjusting your hearing aids

When you buy with Connect Hearing either online or via our telehealth team, we ship your hearing aids ready-to-wear based on your recent hearing report or online test results. If your test results show that your hearing falls outside a mild to moderate range, you may need to visit a clinic for adjustments.

Most of the time we can adjust your hearing aid settings over the phone, a video call, or via the app that pairs with your hearing aids. It’s like turning your living room into a consultation room!

Self adjusting your hearing aids

Once you’ve downloaded the app for your hearing aids, it’s easy to make adjustments on-the-go, on your phone. 

You can also make manual volume and program changes using the rocker switch on the side of your hearing aids.

Cleaning your hearing aids

Keep your hearing aids nice and clean. Wax build up can eventually affect the sound quality, so a regular quick clean is recommended.
Certain parts of the hearing aid will also need extra attention periodically.

How to clean your Hearing aids

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Changing the Cerushield disk

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Charging your
hearing aid batteries

On average, standard batteries need to be replaced once a week. Rechargeable batteries are charged overnight for a full days hearing. 

Still unsure?

Our telehealth team are here to help you with any troubleshooting or adjustments you might need for your hearing aids.

Contact us anytime for help with hearing aid adjustments or general maintenance. We can even help you through the App that connects with your hearing aids (don’t forget to download the App).

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